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About the method

Why Destiny Matrix?

Destiny Matrix is a modern method of human self-knowledge.

There is no magic in Destiny Matrix; it's all code encrypted in the date of birth, carrying specific numeric information that can be read to help you understand your energies and karmic programs.

  • About your Arcana

    You will be able to understand positive (+) and negative (-) state of your arcana and what to do to attain a balance.

  • Your purpose

    You will understand your personal, social as well as spiritual purpose.

  • Career & Money Blocks

    Learning what career path is best for you and eliminating what will not bring you money.

  • Karma

    Gaining insight into your karmic lessons and patterns that can impact your daily existence and diminish happiness.

  • Programs

    Understanding your programs can explain why negative situations keep recurring in your life and how to fix them.

  • Personal brand

    You will take a close look on what you should focus when building your personal brand.

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